The main facade of the Hotel La Prora in Capri
The facade with balconies of the Hotel La Prora in Capri

La Prora was built at the beginning of the twentieth century by a naval officer in love with the island of Capri and ships.

For this reason he wanted his house towards the sea and the Gulf of Naples with the rooms laid out to form the bow or prow of his ship of dreams.

As the years passed the house had other owners, undergoing changes, renovations, but keep their original name. In the fifties, after proper restructuring became a hotel.

La Prora is in a quiet area of the historic center, in the medieval town of old streets and arcades. Overlooking Capri, clinging to the walls Greek, is the lookout at Marina Grande and the steep slopes and wooded of Monte Solaro .

The light-filled rooms have balconies or windows from which the views are breathtaking and incomparable.

Entry into the breakfast room is a veranda with a large window that brightness and embedding, as in a large painting, one of the most beautiful landscapes of Capri, creating a fantastic and romantic atmosphere.

La Prora is about one hundred meters from the square along Via Madre Serafina and the beginning of Via Castello.

All rooms have bathroom, air conditioning, television, telephone, safe and above are furnished with taste and style of Capri.

The three sisters who run the hotel guarantee a pleasant, quiet, family hospitality and a lot of sympathy.

Terrace with sea view of a room at the Hotel La Prora in Capri
Double room of the Hotel La Prora in Capri

Hotel Albergo La Prora of Capri